Sunday, January 14, 2007

Writing Contract

One of the reasons I joined Calgary's IFWA (Imaginative Fiction Writing Association) was to associate with a group of writers who may help me improve my writing and encourage me to write. I think I joined at the right time. IFWA has re-dedicated itself as a Writer's Group and as a part of that re-dedication, each member voluntarily wrote a Writing Contract - a contract you made with yourself. This is mine.

Why I want to be Published:

I want to be published so I can try and earn a living at writing and feel a sense of self worth doing something I enjoy.

Why I Write:

I write because I have always enjoyed telling stories that up until now, have been told primarily through pen and paper role-playing games.

What is Preventing Me from Reaching My Writing Goals:

1. Conflicting priorities
2. Daunting research in my chosen field of writing
3. Procrastination and time management problems

What Can I do to overcome these obstacles:

Set up a time and place to write. Write something every day. My goal is to write for a minimum of a half hour per day. Write even if all I get is a half a page.

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